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Trek Stache 7 - 2013

The trail waits in anticipation, the woods are quiet, then WHOOSH! The… [more]

Trek 3500 - 2011
$395.00 - $439.99

Trek's 3500 is a quality mountain bike ready for every adventure. Trek's… [more]

Surly Pugsley - 2013
$1,700.00 - $1,750.00

Surly's Pugsley takes the term "all terrain bicycle" to a new,… [more]

Surly Neck Romancer Pug - 2013

Surly's Neck Romancer Pug is amazingly capable and amazingly black. The… [more]

Trek Remedy 7 29 - 2014
$2,455.00 - $2,839.99

The days of compromising between agility, travel, and speed are over, meet… [more]

Trek 8.3 DS (Gary Fisher Collection) - 2014
$609.00 - $669.99

Streets and paths, suburbs and woods; return to the simple joys of cycling… [more]

Trek Farley - 2014
$1,999.99 - $2,629.99

From scorched sand dunes to winter white outs, and everything in between,… [more]

Trek Fuel EX 5 - 2012

Open up a whole new level of action and step up your trail skills with… [more]

Trek 8.1 DS (Gary Fisher Collection) - 2014
$455.00 - $529.99

If you can have just one bike, make it Trek's 8.1 DS, and be amazed at the… [more]

Brainerd Area Bike Maps

Brainerd Lakes Area Bike MapsEnjoy the breathtaking scenery and heartwarming hospitality of the Brainerd Lakes Area. Each season offers different views of the beautiful lakes area. As the snow starts melting each spring you will hear thewater in our lakes and rivers begin to flow, the birds will begin to chirp and the flowers and trees will begin to bud. Summers will offer the beauties of bright blue skies and lakes, and hues of lush green trees. Autumn provides bikers the experience of riding the trails with amazing views of the radiant Minnesota fall colors.  Maps are available at Brainerd Area Bike Maps.

Read about the new Brainerd Bike Advisory Committee 

Every Trail Is More Fun On A Trek!

Our Trek mountain bikes will amaze you!

With some of the top research and development talent in the industry, Trek's full-suspension mountain bikes boast cutting-edge technology to tame any trail. Check out the advantages of Trek's ABP, Full Floater and EVO Link suspension technology and ride better today!

Kenn's Daily Cycling Tip

Paceline Basics – A “paceline” is the basic formation used to cut through the wind so that you can rest when riding in a group. Try to remain about ten inches behind your ride partner’s rear wheel. This takes practice, but is well worth the effort to learn because of the energy savings offered. Relax and watch your friend’s shoulders rather than his rear wheel. Be sure to talk so that he knows you’re back there. He should point out or tell you about road hazard coming up, too. Be careful not to let your front wheel come up and overlap your partner’s rear wheel because if he has to swerve, he’ll knock your wheel and you’ll crash.

Cycling Glossary - Word of the Day

double century

A 200-mile road ride, usually completed in a day. Just like there are lots of popular organized centuries, there are also many organized doubles.


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